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From year to year positioning becomes more complicated. As well in the scope of the optimization of websites on-site as in the range of positioning off-site we distinguish currently several hundred potential ranking factors. Of course the range of the influence of particular ranking factors on positions of websites is not fully known, but good SEO analytics tools offer us probable approximate values.

Such large number of elements of Internet websites, which have to be analyzed for SEO causes the necessity of creating completely different, more complex analytical tools than these analytical tools, which are known so far. SurferSeo belongs to the most interesting and the most developed tools of new type.

This tool is based on the analysis of content of websites taking the highest positions in Google. It allows to answer the question, what type of content and what kind of internal optimization of content is best evaluated by algorithms of search engine. So thanks to SurferSeo the automation of many activities related to internal optimization of content of website is possible, what allows to save time and workload significantly.

Internal optimization is obviously only the part of ranking factors. We cannot expect that without off-site actions, the effects of working with SurferSeo will be fast and spectacular. However in total it is very useful and modern analytical tool. It will interest not only people who deal with website positioning, but also copywriters and webmasters, especially people who run blogs. Advanced analytical tools are related not only to technical matters – they enable practical marketing of website, which we create. Semantic analysis of content, which we write, is the basis of its creating and spreading: whole contemporary content marketing is based on it.

Quality analysis of SEO based on external data

SurferSeo enables the analysis of websites, positions and content and above all specific phrases and it is based on the analysis of external data. So It is the tool of data-driven type. The analysis includes the content of several dozen websitesm which take the highest positions in Google for specific keywords. Collected data is related to weighted ranking factors in Google Internet search engine.

The analysis based on external data allows not only to compare our websites with websites of competitors. It allows to determine thematic scope of our websites, including missing elements of content or too common use of keywords (so-called “over-optimization” of website) too. It is also good tool for work of copywriters and people who prepare guidelines for copywriters.

The main layers of content analyzed by SurferSeo are the density of keywords, the structure of content structure and thematic coverage. The structure of content is the division of the text of website into sections (paragraphs) and H1 – H6 headings, which include titles. The length and the arrangement of structural elements of website is important not only for users, it is also one of factors of the evaluation of content by Google algorithms.

The density of keywords should be researched not only as the sum of the number of appearances of given word in the text. The density of word in the content of titles and subtitles and in other distinguished elements (for example boldfaces and titles of pictures) is also essential. SurferSeo enables us to carry out much more advanced analyses of the density of keywords than commonly used plugins. It is often said about proper density of keywords for specific phrases (for example 2%, 4%). Meanwhile real optimization of the density of keywords is possible only on the basis of the analysis of specific results obtained by competitors.

Good example is removal industry. It is not possible (in the case of Polish market) to gain high positions of websites in this industry without significant exceeding the threshold of 2% density of keywords for the phrase “removal”. It is easy to check this fact by means of own tests in the tool SurferSeo. It is worth to devote time for own experiments and research of phrases, which we are interested in.

The third layer of content examined by SurferSeo is thematic coverage. The text, which we want to position should not only contain specific phrases, but also discuss in full and exhaustive way given subject matter. By means of SurferSeo we can determine, what content lacks in our texts in comparison to texts worked out by competitors.

SurferSeoHow does it work in practice?

The tool is quite complex and offers many helpful functionalities. However basic use of SurferSeo is very easy. It is sufficient to choose the most important keywords for subject matter, which we work at given moment on. Then we limit the range of work of SurferSeo to the segment of the market, which is interesting for us (for example only for Google results from the territory of Poland). We begin the process of the analysis, which is carried out automatically. It is sufficient to read its results correctly.

SufferSeo application works in the cloud. In spite of the large amount of worked out content, results are developed quickly, within few minutes. They are available only in English, what however does not influence the effectiveness of the research of Polish market or other national markets.

Using SufferSeo enables to optimize not only new content written on ongoing basis, but also to improve content already published previously on our websites. It is necessary to remember that ranking factors of Google change often with updates of the algorithm. After all currently Google resigns from large updates, such as Panda and Penguin, concentrating on small but often changes in the algorithm. It means the necessity of frequent analyses and updates of our websites. Just the activity by means of analytical tools such as SurferSeo is very useful in this task. .

Let us note also that in light of analyses of operation of Google algorythms the importance of ranking factors is different for particular industries. It is visible for example in light of recent update Medic. This example shows clearly that medical and financial industries are evaluated by algorithms differently than other sectors – so in respect of each area of Internet marketing separate analyses of keywords and case studies are needed. The examination of relationships between keywords and ranking factors on-site and positions reached by websites within particular industries enables us the optimization, which takes this fact into consideration, so real effects of the analysis and real increases of positions.

Results can be limited with use of many filters. They can be presented for example in respect of particular countries, languages and devices (computers, mobile phones and tablets). It helps to check, if our own websites and websites of competitors contain identical content in desktop and mobile versions too.

Semantic analysis by means of SurferSeo

Semantic analysis of websites, which take the highest positions in Google, with use of Surferseo includes ranking factors on-site, which concern content. The density of keywords is here of the greatest importance. However it does not concern simple calculation of the density of keywords in single text (on websites of competitors or in own articles). The results are given for several dozen websites, they are juxtaposed with each other and contrasted with other ranking factors.

All content located between body markers, including H1 – H6 headings (as well their content as the arrangement) is analyzed. SurferSeo explores metatags and metadatacription too. Other factors subjected to semantic analysis are for example graphical elements of website (for instance number of pictures and their alternative descriptions) and internal and external links in the content of website. The tool determines the speed of explored websites, including TTFB (time to first byte) too.

Collected data are juxtaposed with each other. The tool calculates correlations between examined ranking factors. It indicates as well unit values and average values for all explored websites.

Simultaneously reading results is easy and does not require the acquaintance with statistics. Effects of the analysis are depicted in plain and transparent graphical form (various arts of graphs and tables).

Cost of SurferSeo tool

All functions of the tool are available free – however free version is limited to 100 main ranking factors and 3 questions daily. Full possibilities of SurferSeo are offered in payable packages Freelancer, Copywriter and Agency (from about 120 PLN monthly). It is worth pointing out that SurferSeo is the tool created in Poland but popular all over the world.

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