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According to many experts in the scope of digital marketingLinkedln may be the most effective channel for advertising in 2019. Linkedln is the portal that differs significantly from other social media – as opposed to Facebook and Instagram, users are here much less inclined to share information from their personal lives, concentrating rather on professional career.

It means that Linkedln is great place, where it is possible to find entrepreneurs, chairmen of companies, experienced employees, young and ambitious people who want to increase quickly their significance in given industry. Linkedlin will be ideal for people whose area of activity is B2B or who look for employees for their company. However the most important question is probably it that Linkedlin improved considerably advertising possibilities at the turn of 2018-2019, what means that currently by means of them it is possible to achieve really satisfying results.

Advertising on Linkedln

Of course Linkedln offers advertising services for years, but since recently LinkedIn was really limited to being the provider of advertising service and social media network. It, what helps to distinguish advertisements of LinkedIn from other advertising platforms in social media (for example Facebook) are their options of B2B targeting. B2B marketers gather in LinkedIn, because “all professionals” are just there.

Knowing it, LinkedIn optimized steering options to enable marketers to develop and connect with these specialists. Do you want to concentrate on the industry of healthcare? You can direct advertisements on LinkedIn. Do you want to reach chairmen of investment companies? Yes, You can reach them by means of advertisements of LinkedIn. Do you want to get applications from graduates of universities? You can be close to them thanks to advertisements of LinkedIn.

Due to this B2B option, many owners of companies switch their attention this year to LinkedIn. It does not mean that they do not advertise also on Facebook, but depending on their budget they can in the first place head for LinkedIn. Remember that advertising on LinkedIn, the cost will be much higher than in the case of Facebook, so make sure that You have cash before you will begin promoting here Your content.

Advertising options of LinkedIn: review

Some time ago LinkedIn was still very limited in the range of advertising possibilities, leaving little place for advertisers to achieve their objectives. Since then, it changed and will change through whole 2019, adding more freedom for advertisers.

Currently with advertisements of LinkedIn You can create very personalized advertisements and reach very narrow groups of people. Bearing it in mind, to advertise on LinkedIn effectively You can have one of following objectives:

  • Increasing awareness of Your brand
  • Increasing the number of visits on website
  • Involvement of users
  • Viewership of movies
  • Generating leads
  • Page conversions
  • Applying for job

The most often applied objectives in LinkedIn advertising are to generate leads, job applications and the balance between video views and visits on website. On the basis of chosen objective You will receive five different types of advertisements, which You can test:

Think about it as about promoted post. You promote the article or the post from website of Your company, which appears on LinkedIn channel. These advertisements have the highest average CPC, so act carefully and make sure that the content, which You promote is well-thought-out and can bring You high return on investment.

Text advertisements

These are small, minor advertisements, which You can notice or can not notice on right side of LinkedIn channel. Think about advertisements on Facebook around 2010. They look quite similar to them. Besides right column these advertisements can appear in section ”People who You may know”. Here text content can really cause or interrupt the conversion of advertisements, therefore think over exactly, who You direct Your advertisements to and what You promote in them.

It is great way to spam LinkedIn inbox. However if it will be done correctly, it can in fact convert more than other options of LinkedIn advertising. Because these advertisements have to come from personal profile and not from company website, people have less impression that something is sold to them and more impression that they can actually communicate with the representative of the company.

The worst thing, You can do here, is to copy and paste the same e-mails to all users. To ensure that advertising by email on LinkedIn brings effects, make sure that everybody receives individually written e-mails.

Video advertisements

Video content is one of the biggest hits in marketing in 2019 and its significance will only grow. For this reason You should create as many of them as possible on various platforms. Test different videos to see, what kind of video (topic, length, real life / animation) gives the most conversions in the case of Linkedln.

Directing advertising to recipients in Linkedln

  • Who is your demographic group, more than only male / female, age / location?
  • Did they work all their lives in the same industry?
  • Are they in general subordinate employees or higher level management?
  • Do they stick to their job for 2-4 years in every position?
  • Do they follow Richard Branson on LinkedIn?

You know answers to all these questions and even if for some reason You can not find the answer, LinkedIn gives B2B marketers incredible possibilities.

How to advertise on LinkedIn in 2019 r :

Attention: You can attract many more than just general directors advertising on LinkedIn. Many companies assume that directing advertisements on LinkedIn is ideal only for large enterprises, but it is not so.

Persons who seek for job or being in lower positions with less experience, even these persons who just graduated from secondary school or studies are ideal options for directing advertisements in LinkedIn. LinkedIn gains more than 120 members every minute, so it is surely possible to find right partners.

How to track conversions in LinkedIn Ad

There are many various methods in advertisements of LinkedIn, which allow to track successes and failures of advertisements, but there are some techniques of tracking conversions, which you have to configure necessarily.

View tag for whole website

This tag ensures 411 information about actions taken on Your website thanks to LinkedIn advertising. Like pixel of Facebook You can install this tag once and view data. It will also not disrupt the speed of Your website, but it will allow to track it, what happens on Your website as a result of conducted advertising campaign.

Specific tag for event

This type of tracking pixel is created more for specific purposes. Let us assume that you have the form and You want somebody to fill in it, but you do not have the configuration of website with acknowledgments or connection. You can install this code and track still “ the event of conversion” every time, when the form is filled in. You can also add conversion tracking to existing campaigns so don not worry, if You will forget somewhere to configure conversion tracking.

Use suggestions concerning the content of LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers suggestions concerning the content of business websites to help them to indicate, what they should write about. Think about it outside the box and use ideas about headings and descriptions of advertisements. Suggestions concerning the content are very easy to use and You can even direct them to directors and general directors who you were in touch with. Just select the industry, location and internship, which You direct advertisements to and LinkedIn will generate latest concerning these appointed filters.


LinkedIn is surely great advertising option for B2B marketers in 2019. There are many various techniques, which can be tested with advertisements of LinkedIn , but the most important thing, which You can do, is to observe really what LinkedIn does and what new functions will be developed all the year. LinkedIn is not yet as popular in Poland as for example in the USA. Therefore it is worth taking advantage of this opportunity and appearing on this platform early enough not to start from scratch at the moment, when everybody will do it. With good cause Linkedln can be of as much importance for Your company as positioning.

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