Adwords audit and effective campaign

Google ads are one of the best and most direct ways to reach customers interested in similar industry with advertisement of own product or service. However it does not mean that it is enough to invest money and our advertisements will lead to a large number of conversions and in effect to earnings. AdWords audit will help You to check, how effectively Your ads act and will present You clearly, if money, which You invest in advertisements or in hiring SEO agency is appropriately managed.

We conduct Google AdWords audit

Let us begin with it that Adwords audit can be conducted on one’s own or the expert can be entrusted with it. It consists in exact analysis of advertising account in Google with regards to its main applications, such as: if Google AdWords account collects information about the operation of advertisements appropriately, if the account is well set, how particular campaigns and advertisements work and if each stage of the way of customer on the path on purchasing path is proper. After conducting audit, we have access to full data, which indicate, where our advertisements are not optimized and where everything is right. Google AdWords audit will decidedly help to obtain satisfying results of advertisements.

Is it worth to conduct audit of advertising campaign?

Google AdWords audits are in fact necessary operation for all people who do not have unlimited advertising budget. Thanks to this audit it is possible to check all areas involved in the increase of the effectiveness of advertising and their possible improvement. Data collection, which You will obtain after conducting audit will help You to manage Your budget better, get rid of or modify ineffective advertisements, eliminate unwanted clicks coming from people who are not interested in the purchase of product or using services and will help to encourage again customers who already once interacted with our website.

Connection of AdWords account

Actions related to conducting Google AdWords audit should begin with it, what is outside the account. Namely it concerns the connection of our account with other tools, which are offered by Google. They give additional possibilities and measure exactly clicks and conversions.

Google offers a wide range of useful tools. The most important of them is obviously Google Analytics. It is also worth connecting the account with Google Search Console, YouTube channel and, if possible, with Google Play account.

Google Analytics and audit

After connecting AdWords account with Google Analytics make sure that you connected it also to Your website. There are several ways to authorize Google Analytics on Your website, but the easiest way of them is to paste quickly individually generated code into website. Thanks to this fact we will be sure that all information about visits and actions of users on website will be measured correctly.

Remarketing lists

Next very important point during configuring AdWords account is creating advanced remarketing lists. However it is necessary to make sure that information about the effectiveness of retargeting is in general collected by Your Google Analytics account.

Structure of advertising campaigns

If we get the basics over with and we laid properly strong foundations, now we can move to the structure and settings of campaign. Well created structures contribute to a very large extent to high (or low) effectiveness of advertisements and to the ease of making revisions and necessary corrections. The most important element is to check, if current division makes sense at all and if the list of advertising campaigns is clear for You. If not, there is high probability that they are not appropriately constructed. Also paying attention to the consistency of advertisements and if they inform about offered service or products, is also very important.

Settings of advertising campaign

Next essential stage is to check settings of advertising campaign. Skipping this stage, we incur huge financial losses or even total losing advertising chance. Setting up AdWords account we can choose from several possible advertising objectives: the effectiveness, the branding and the range. First of all it is necessary to ask oneself, if advertisements,which we publish at given moment, really make sense and if it is worth to finance them further.

Then we check other technical aspects of our advertisements. First of all it concerns the issue, which group of recipients we direct our advertisements to, i.e. language group, region, the amount of rates depending on the day of week and hours of displaying advertisements.

The content of advertisements

Let us move now to the most important element, i.e. advertisements themselves. Finally they are displayed to potential customers and are responsible for it if they will interest somebody or not. Effective advertisements have catchy heading, are consistent with the offer on website and encourage users of Internet search engine users to take action thanks to the application of Call to Action.

Audit in this area consists above all in analyzing text structure (if full potential of Google is used, i.e. the number of characters in headings and description) and also if the content of advertisement is consistent with it, what interested persons can find on website. It is also very important to verify the extensions of advertisements, because they have very large influence on ranking.


It is not possible to conduct effective Google AdWords audit without taking care of our keywords. Finally it is pointless to promote hairdresser’s salon with phrases related to cars. Conducting audit we check, if keywords are maximally well-chosen and if the ways of matching, which we apply, agree with it, what potential customers look for. Checking CPCsettings is also very important. For this purpose it is possible to use tools for keywords offered by Google or other free programs available on the Internet as for example Ubersuggest and KeywordTool. The list of keywords is very important from the viewpoint of Internet advertisements. It cannot be neither too short nor too long, because both versions can significantly reduce our advertising budget.

Target groups

Although Google does not give so much room for manoeuvre regarding targeting people with advertisements like Facebook, the possibilities are still huge. Therefore make sure that Your campaigns have set optimal target groups. AdWords audit allows to check and possibly modify such issues as it, if advertisements are displayed to people with specific interests, age, place of residence, topics, demographics and allows for advanced retargeting options. Furthermore it is also very significant that each advertisement should contain different sizes of graphics and at least two various creations.

Advertisements of products

If our websites offer online sales, the best way to increase it is to configure appropriately advertisements with products. It consists in checking their division and setting priorities. Also setting the list of exclusion words is also essential, because not everybody who will look for specific phrase on the Internet has to be necessarily interested in the purchase. Furthermore it is worth to check, if rates for products, which bring the highest return on investment, are high enough, so that advertising appears rather more frequently than less often. Let us also pay attention to setting the appearance of advertisements with products with regard to seasonality. When we run the shop with sports assortment in summer, we assume that promotion of other products than skis and winter equipment will be better solution.

Advertising indexes tell us about it, how effective our advertisements are. Therefore it is worth taking care of possessing always as adequate data as possible. Acquaint Yourself very carefully with such terms as CPC, conversions, click through rate, conversion rate, average position in Google and rejections.


Better question than it, if it is worth to conduct AdWords audit is it who should deal with it. It is a bit like positioning. It is possible to deal with it on one’s own, but real effects are visible just at the moment, when experts will deal with it. The result of audit will give the access to really huge amount of data and indicates additional possibilities, which can increase the effectiveness of advertising by even up to 30%.

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