Is it worth entrusting professional agency with positioning website?

Positioning requires specialist knowledge and experience. Indeed, everybody can quite quickly master basic skills that will allow their website to come into existence in distant search results in Google.

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Of course provided that we position for terms with long tail and the niche itself is not too besieged. However if we want to have something more, we are in a way forced to cooperate with SEO agency.

Positioning website in the industry, which has a lot of competition is in advance doomed to failure

in the case of lone wolf. We are not able to engage in effective fight against professional agencies on our own. It requires above all possessing substantial blog facilities and as a result gigantic amount of content for these blogs. We are not able to create this content on our own. Contents are however not everything. Articles have to be so well-thought-out that they will be properly optimized in terms of mutual connection by links. Let us add to it appropriate connection by links of increasingly important websites from our pyramid of blogs. We cannot connect the weakest websites from our resources with target website. The facilities themselves has to represent something however in order to give strength. Adding to catalogues, obtaining links from other bloggers and other actions leading to the improvement of page rank of our facilities take simply much time.

However is it the end of our work?

Unfortunately not. We have to optimize appropriately HTML code of our website. If we built our website on the basis of WordPress system, proper plug-ins will do a half of work. Let us remember however that we have to know how websites based on mentioned system can be built. It is not the knowledge, which we will master within several days. Website has to be loaded quickly, be displayed correctly on mobile devices and be ideally optimized for seo. Do you think still about doing everything on You own?

Are professional SEO agencies the alternative?

The answer is yes, but we have to maintain vigilance. If we do not acquaint completely with the topic of positioning, we can be cheated very easily. Cheated is quite harsh word, but many agencies dealing with positioning treat customer very unprofessionally. The attitude can be compared to the attitude of typical clerk in tax office. It concerns typical scene for us Poles, where asking for something in tax office, we bump into malicious woman staring at the screen of monitor during sipping coffee. The difference consists in it that instead of the shout directed to us, the agencies specialize in telling half-truths in such way, so that it is clear for us that they are not guilty of anything. It is just a pity that we lose our hard-earned money in this time.

What should attention be paid during choosing seo agency for?

Let us remember above all that it is cooperation. SEO agency knows, how to position, but it is often dependent on the knowledge from the field of given industry, which such agency does not have. Also effective positioning requires striking chord between the agency and You. If the agency does not have any questions to You, it is the first warning sign. Top agencies conduct extensive interview with customers and wish to find out it, what customers really care about. At the other end of the spectrum there are customers themselves. If you are not able to devote Your time and answer questions of the agency, do not be surprised, if their efforts will not be satisfying for You. It is not so that You will just pay them and You can demand.

The next issue is looking after phrases by You, which You care about the most.

After the choice of agency You sign the contract. In the contract the list of phrases is contained, which You are interested in. It concerns of course the issue that if You trade in tires, You want to be in the first position in Google, if somebody will enter tires. You can however choose a number of phrases. Some phrases are less interesting for You and others phrases are just priority. In this case the agency should also suggest You, what alternative phrases are. You should focus on checking these priority phrases. The agency should send You each month specialist report regarding positions of Your phrases in Google. Despite this fact I recommend checking these phrases personally on ongoing basis. What interests You, is not the report that Your phrase reached the top 3 in Google, but it that Your phrase remains at least in this position all the time. The thing is that it is quite easy to climb to the top, but it is difficult to remain there.

Short or long phrases ?

There is not unambiguous answer here. All depends on it, if You positions as global player for for example “tires” or maybe you are local entrepreneur who cares about being the leader in his city. In this second case Your phrase can be for example “Winter tires Gdansk”. If You are not global player, the best way is the option with long tail. Due to long phrase and less competition the effects will appear sooner and chosen SEO agency should work so. However remember that You are the person ordering. If You care about short phrase and you are aware that it requires greater expenditure of assets, the agency should act is such tone. Difficulty level is quite high. Promoting with short expression will allow You however often to achieve many convenient positions from long tail, what means in a sense free organic traffic to Your website.

Are facilities of Your agency well?

The whole idea of positioning is based on the creation of interesting, unique content, in which we place phrases, which we care about. To these phrases hyperlinks are enclosed, which should lead to one of websites of blog background and as a result increase its value in the eyes of Google. Of course we have to place such content on appropriately strong Trust Rank website, so that this value comes into existence. Each agency has or at least should have powerful facilities, which give links with proper power to facilities. Appropriately built facilities become Your army, which help with each its link to achieve better positions in internet search engine. Check these facilities and contents placed there. The agency should without any problem give you such possibility. It is worth remembering that links has to be natural. If articles are of bad quality or on topic, which is not related to Your industry, they will not have appropriate strength. Links coming from bad sources can be even harmful. The agency has to prove itself in strong sense of morality in respect of it, what it does. All attempts of taking the line of least resistance will end at certain moment with penalty from Google and it means the disaster for Your website.

The result of measure of the truth

Remember the above sentence. Everybody can have excuses in every area of life. Just the results are measure of the reality. Use then Google Analytics in order to check, if Your actions have real influence on the number of unique visits of Your website and as a result on your profit. Regardless of the fact, if You earn from advertisements or You run online shop, it, what You need, is traffic. However You cannot mistake at this moment the number of desired actions carried out by users on Your website with the number of visits. The agency should take care of the number of visits. Even the best agency cannot help, if the conversion of Your website is unsatisfactory. You have to remember that the increase of traffic on Your website is not equivalent to higher sales.

Does the company treat You as a digit?

The most important, although probably the most trivial matter. Are you treated as human being? Do You feel that the company wants to help You. Does it talk to You and does it listen, what You have to say? It concerns the interview, which they will conduct with You, help at each moment, when You need it. Good agency will answer Your every question regarding it, what it does and why it does it. It will help You to read reports appropriately or will present its ideas for the most proper direction of action. The agency, which treats the conversation reluctantly, is usually the agency, which ignores You. Summing up one thing should be remembered. Namely it concerns the reason. SEO agency are people like You. Cooperation consists in mutual agreement. If You want to put up money and forget, You will face gray reality quickly and the same principle concerns the agency. It is enough to reach the agreement calmly and present clearly own ideas and opinion. Remember that the commissioning professional agency with positioning is not the purchase of luncheon meat in the shop. Positioning requires mutual openness and cooperation.

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