Google does not index website – we will tell You, why?

Nowadays in Internet age, when attention of significant number of people is focused on mobile devices, having well-designed website is almost the necessity for success of the company.

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Millions of users browse contents in Internet daily, seeking entertainment, work or products. Also why not take advantage of this situation by attracting attention of potential customers to our company by means of tools, which Internet offers us.

Promoting on the Internet is very complex process. To build the brand of own company we can use several large platforms of social networks: Facebook, Linkedln, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat or we can focus on a bit older solution, which is the fight for high position in Google internet search engines. The best solution is of course the combination of several tools and the beginning of promotion on several channels simultaneously. It will allow to reach decidedly wider circle of potential customers. Today however we will focus predominantly on Google and more exactly on it, why Your website is not indexed by the largest global browser and we will give you several tips, how You can improve it.

Why is appearing in internet search engines important?

However before we will move on to our today’s problem, we have to realise first, why it is worth worrying about it at all. As we already know, the best way to reach customers is to create website of company. However real indication of it, which benefits it will bring, is it, how many people will visit it. Let us assume that the customer enters a phrase in internet search engine, which is closely related to activity of our company. In such situation, if our website is high in Google rankings, there is big chance that the customer will choose just it and will acquaint himself with presented offer. However what if, despite the fact that our website presents excellent offer, it is not indexed? It means that our customers do not have even the possibility to find out about its existence.

What is Google index?

In order to explain in easy way, what Google Index is, we will use the example of functioning libraries. If you want to find books on given topic, you looks in the catalogue for cards to find the list of books on this topic. Google works basically in the same way. When You look for something in Google, You do not browse real web – You browse the catalogue of Google cards. Then Google displays cards, which it considers relevant for Your query in the form of page of search results. Google builds its index by clicking on links of the web (indexing), recording information about websites, on which it is located and saving that information in index (indexing).

Is Your website indexed?

There are several ways to check, if website is indexed. However the easiest way consists in entering URL address of own domain into internet search engine by means of “site”before it, for example “Site: przykł“. The results show all pages of Your website, which are indexed and current metatags saved in the index of internet search engine. If none of your pages will appear, it means that Your website is not indexed yet.

Why are there websites not in search results

Algorithm and activity of Google is complicated. Mastering it and getting acquainted with system of activity could bring great financial benefits to each of us. Unfortunately it is almost impossible, therefore we will look at it, why our website is not indexed. What can make displaying website in search results impossible:

  • Google did not index yet Your website, because it is too new
  • Your website is not optimized for indexing in internet search engines
  • Your market of keywords is very competitive.
  • Your website has tags “without index”
  • Your website was penalized and removed from Google
  • Below we present You in more detail each of these reasons, so that You could find the problem on Your own.

Google did not index yet Your website

Sometimes updating search results through internet search engine can last one week or longer. It happens so, because Your website is new and there are no incoming links. First create the account in Google tools for webmasters. After registration and indication URL address of website map.xml to Google, You can ask them for repeated indexing URL addresses.However Google receives a lot of requests that this function does not work always immediately (especially, if You have new or large website). If you do not want to create the account of Google Tools for webmasters, test this link to add Your URL address to Google: Google does not add all sent URL addresses to its index and it is impossible to anticipate or guarantee, if and when sent URL addresses will appear in their index. However it should be taken into account that waiting about one week or two week for it will be necessary.

Your website is too new

Did You just built and launch new website? It is very good decision for Your company, however before you will begin to notice the first results, it can take usually up to four weeks,before it will begin to appear in search results. Although we can be accustomed to quick receiving information on the Internet, indexes of internet search engines can be quite slow. Sit down comfortably, wait and find out more about algorithms of internet search engines, before you will begin to worry.

Your website has tags „without index

You can use non-standard code to inform internet search engines, so that they do not index Your website or specific pages. If you or somebody who designed Your website, added this code, it would explain, why it does not appear in search results.

Your website is not optimized for indexing in internet search engines

After sending website to internet search engine, Googlebot is sent to Your website in order to index its content. These bots do not display your website as visitors. They scan website in search of meta-contents, saturation with keywords, valuable content and many other factors. Therefore You have to take it into account, which contents are actually visible from the viewpoint of internet search engines.

Your market of keywords is very competitive

Internet search engines help millions of users around the world to surf on the internet and find specific contents among billions of websites.

It means a lot of competition, especially, when we decide to name our website with very often searched phrase . It is worth to use different tactic at the very beginning. Make sure that You target less competitive market of keywords, so You can attract attention of consumer.

Your website was removed from Google

It is probably the worst possible reason, for which our website may not be indexed. Google can temporarily or permanently remove websites from the index and search results, if it thinks that it is obliged by law to do so or if websites do not meet quality guidelines of Google or for other reasons, for example, if websites harm the ability of users to find proper information.

Here there are various ways, in which Google can remove Your website from search results:

  • Deindexed – it means that Your domain will be completely removed from Google. It is also known as Banned.
  • Penalized – Your domain or website still exists, but none of Your websites can be found by means of very direct queries. This penalty can be automatic thanks to Google algorithm or can be applied manually by Google engineer.
  • Sandboxed – Your domain or website were neither Deindexed nor Penalized, but traffic obtained by Google falls suddenly and rapidly. In such situation Your website is usually punished due to violating hints of Google relating to its quality. If such situation will occur, You will be informed about it by means of Search Console.
  • If You will receive notification that Your website violates our hints concerning quality, you have to modify website, so that it meets these guidelines and then send it for reconsideration.
  • You block indexing Your website through internet search engines

WordPress has built-in function, which allows to instruct internet search engines, so that they do not index websites. This function is automatically switched on after launching new WordPress website. So You have to switch off it manually. All, what You have to do, is to visit settings and change the possibility of searching.

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