Website positioning is one of the basic conditions of effective Internet marketing and one of the most important SEO activities.

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The aim of positioning is to achieve as high position as possible in the results of organic internet search engines by given website, for example of the shop with means of specific phrases or keywordsWebsite positioning never really ends because mechanisms governing internet search engines are changeable and the algorithm, whichgoverns them is deeply classified. High position on lists of internet search engine lists is for some websites, especially e-commerce websites to be or not to be. Therefore the work on positioning never ends and additionally changing trends and preferences of recipients absorbing subsequent technological novelties force the owners of websites to try continuously to achieve as high position on result lists as possible.

What new in SEO 2019?

Almost every year SEO industry undergoes next transformations. The changes do not become maybe spectacular and it is relatively easy to anticipate them, provided that we look carefully at the occurring processes. SEO specialists point out to growing popularity of voice search, considering for example that the biggest mistake of marketing specialists would be to let slip these tendencies and downplay them. Voice search and voice inquiries change slowly into gold mine and the person who will notice it first, has a chance to take advantage of his privileged position. It will be of particular importance for e-commerce websites, all online shops, which are to be shortly bombarded with questions about specific product. Therefore it is worth creating conditions, which will allow customers to search specific products with means of databases of questions, which are optimized in terms of SEO.

Separate preparation for the development of this activity is important for this reason that it was noticed that people asking questions about product use full form of the question, according to classic division of kinds of sentences, while when they enter features of searched things into internet search engine, they do it by means of clusters of keywords. Therefore it is important to prepare separately website for such kind of full queries instead of mental shortcuts. According to Google, as much as 70% of voice queries are formulated in grammatically correct language, in natural speech.

Within the area of voice questions important component of positioning are also featured snippets in internet search engine. This term defines results, which appear first on the list, even above paid results. They contain the highest evaluated response according to internet search engine. For 2019 and shortly afterwards, the correct matching of these elements to the voice search will allow the fastest results to be achieved. To achieve this, you need to optimize your keywords, URL, title and H1 headers.

For 2019 and shortly later correct adaptation of these elements to voice search will allow to achieve the quickest so good results. It is necessary to optimize keywords, URL, title and H1 headings to gain it.

The increase of importance of links

Positioning for example e-commerce shops is important for this reason that it is one of paths leading to the increase of traffic on website. All articles touching on the topic ofSEO in the case of purely sales activity put the greatest emphasis just on this aspect. Traffic on website translates physically into revenue. Among trends of 2019 within SEO for e-commerce platforms new attitude to acquiring links is visible. According to specialists strengthening the brand and increasing traffic on website should be brought by links appearing in external materials, on cooperating websites, where the content of these websites corresponds with given niche. The strength of link building is to acquire authentic, convincing places, links from websites of other people, for example bloggers or reliable websites.

Mobile website

Extraordinarily important SEO trend indicated by all specialists is appropriate preparation of mobile version of website. All content and functions have to be available and clear. Bad connotations are obtained by website, on which whole fragments of text are not visible in mobile version only for this reason that there is not enough place for it. Continuously changing attitude of recipients forces to appear the trend of parallel preparation of websites at the stage of their designing for reading mobile version in full range.

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