The greatest threats for companies commissioning positioning

Positioning website is the obligation of everybody who wants, so that his website comes into existence on the Internet. Internet search engines, especially Google, become more and more technologically advanced and there are continuously more and more users.

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One of the most important aspects of marketing of the company or product is its position in the market. Therefore it is so important to appear as high as possible and as often as possible for inquiries of users related to our business, so why are You still afraid to commission positioning of Your website?

Positioning brings with it besides obvious advantages also many threats, mainly for new companies. Causing simultaneously that You have fears, if Yous should entrust foreign company with dealing with website. They are legitimate and justified, but is it worth postponing such important point in the development of Your business until later? Threats will not disappear and potential customers visit websites of competition instead of your website. Do not put it off, cause that Your business will come into existence on the Internet, but do it cautiously. Below I will mention the main threats for companies resulting from the commission of positioning website and I will try to show, how to avoid them.

The greatest threats for companies commissioning positioning

The main fear of people commissioning the positioning of their websites is the fright, if it will work at all. Choosing the person for this task, You should seek qualified, experiencedemployee who is able to show You the effects of his previous work with other companies. However You have to remember that it does not guarantee related to Your website.Positioning each website looks different, furthermore continuously changing trends, new websites and Google algorithms. Therefore the effects are not always the same and it is difficult to anticipate them. If SEO activities were previously carried out on You website, it may have real influence on results of the company dealing currently with Your website. Remember to check on ongoing basis the work and effects of the person who You employed.


Positioning website is more and more difficult. Continuously increasing price results from the work of several persons and the purchase of specialist tools for monitoring website by the company. Remember that it is investment in the future and Your money will not pay for itself immediately. It is necessary to wait some months for effects, it is slow and hard to anticipate process. Therefore it is not worth trusting companies, which offer quick effects and return on investment. Positioning website of own company means often the price reaching several thousand zlotys monthly. As I mentioned earlier, actions differ depending on website and kind of activity, which we run. Therefore costs of services for blog will be different than in the case of online shop. It is worth to acquaint oneself with price lists of various companies, not to pay too much and choose optimal price. Also professional work and excellent results should not be expected from business activities, which prices are significantly lower than prices of competition.

Why do companies, which deal with positioning, sign long-term contracts?

As you supposedly already know, positioning takes time. Therefore large companies want to conclude contracts for longer period. It means periods lasting from 12 to even 36 months. It is in some way justified, if employed company deals professionally with Your website and its actions bring expected effects. What will happen, if we will sign such contract for 3 years and after one year of cooperation it will turn out that nobody deals seriously with our website. It is the best to employ trusted agencies. However if we will decide on less trusted company, with which we had nothing in common before, it is worth signing commitments for shorter period with the possibility of termination of cooperation earlier, if one of parties will not fulfill its tasks.

Person who will be commissioned with positioning by us, will be beginner

SEO changes and develops recently at very fast pace. There are no schools dedicated to this issue. Persons dealing with this topic learn on their own during their projects, courses or on forums. What will occur, if we will meet a person who just learns and will use our website as element of exercises? It is worth asking the positioner about his experience, how long he deals with SEO and how many companies used already his services.

Wrong positioning

Positioning, which does not comply with principles of Google, brings with it a number of serious consequences influencing the development of our company and its visibility on the Internet. Some companies dealing with positioning our website use not allowed techniques, which at first sight bring effects, which we expected, but as a result we lose on it. Money invested by us is forfeited, we only lose time and website does not improve its position, in some cases its position can be even lowered. Actions against principles can cause removing website from search results of given phrase or even all the phrases (Google ban). To avoid such situations, it is necessary to check exactly tools, which are used by the company, which we want to employ. We entrust foreign persons with our image on the Internet, therefore we have the right to know techniques, which they use. Among prohibited methods there is “link farm” – placing links on farms, websites with very low quality.

Duplication of the content of website

  • Cloaking – it is presentation of other content of website for robots of internet search engines than for users.
  • System of link exchange – receiving external positioning references in very short time, very often automatically.
  • Spam
  • Parasite hosting – creating backup websites in order to place links to positioned domain on them.

Two types of penalty, manual and algorithmic penalty are applied. In the case of the first penalty Google employee imposes it. It can be easily withdrawn by removing unfriendly links and then by contacting the employee. The second type of penalty is imposed automatically by internet search engines. It is more severe and long-lasting, it is difficult to find the source of problem.

The end of cooperation, what is next?

Even if website was already positioned, the agency hired by us deals with website all the time and maintains it in its position. At the moment, when all activities are withheld, website will be gradually pushed out by competition. The effect of positioning is maintained usually still for long time. However in time used links will begin to expire or will be simply removed by the agency, which acquired them, what will speed up this process. Sooner or later, depending on website, run business, degree of positioning of website and activity of competition we will observe the effect of decrease.

Positioning, Allegro offers

When during looking through Allegro offers concerning positioning low prices and catchy texts encouraged You, You have to be careful. Encouraging information about the effect of lifetime positioning, very low price, the guarantee of the first position or no fees in advance. If You already reached this point, You know that it is impossible and nobody would undertake the work lasting several months, which in effect could not bring any profits.

Summing up

Remember that despite many threats related to employing the agency for positioning, this step is almost necessary, if You want, so that Your website comes into existence on the Internet. Putting SEO investment off exposes You to losses. Your website does not raise its position and as a result potential customers do not visit Your website, but website of Your competition. Furthermore prices of positioning increase continuously. If you already decided to employ external company, think about it, if You can afford such investment. Several months are needed to see effects, also check, if Your budget allows You to pay for positioners for at least 5 months. Before possible signing the contract, read it carefully, check potential company, rely on opinions from examined sources. Find out, in what circumstances you can withdraw from the contract before the end of appointed period. When employees will deal with Your website, verify their work, ask for presentation of previous actions and check the origin of acquired links. Remember that positioning requires time and has to be adapted on ongoing basis to continuously developing SEO methods. Well-positioned website can maintain its position for long time, but sooner or later it will gradually fall down.

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