Novelties from the world of SEO, June 2019

High position in Google is one of the most important elements in the development of the company, which concentrates on acquiring new customers, generating leads and selling online. It is true that the majority of people open only the first three websites, taking the highest positions in Internet search engine.

Key issue with regard to achieving it consists in the optimization of websites for SEO. And although more and more people know basic practices of SEO, still changing trends make this process difficult. So let us look at the biggest trends and novelties from the world of SEO, which can help You to maintain or win satisfying position in Internet search engine. Sometimes even complete update of website can be necessary to keep present results.

Mobile devices in the first place

Mobile devices become the priority for Google search engine. In March 2018 the company announced the introduction of sometimes, what is called mobile index. This technically sounding name means simply that if You have as well desktop as mobile version of Your website, Google bots will check first this version for mobile phones, making decision on the basis of it about the ranking of website in search results.

This is not the policy concerning only mobile phones, so if You have website solely for desktop computers, it is still possible to index it – the lack of mobile twin can mean simply lower position on SERP(Search Engine Results Page).

However these are not all the changes, which cause that mobile devices are more important for Google than computers. Just some months after issuing index for mobile phones, Google launched also the update of speed for mobile devices. It means that the speed of loading is the factor, on the basis of which they calculate the ranking of mobile websites. Simply speaking: instantly operating mobile website = golden ticket of SEO.

Win the place in Snippets

Fashion magazines all over the world are not only entities, which look for “next great thing”. Google seeks continuously new look, because it tries to display the results in the most comfortable format for its users. Recently it really enters this format called recommended fragments. You saw them most certainly (and probably You also used them), even if you did not know, how they are called.

Well, Snippets are the fragment of the paragraph placed above more classical blue lists in SERPs, which frequently appear in the answer to the question. These recommended fragments take space on website, which is known as the “zero position”. Reaching the first position was very popular in 2018. In 2019. The aim is to take place 0.

Coming back to it, how to jump from organic list to the first page to described fragment, let us think about the function of these visible fields, so that we will be able to understand how to structure the content appropriately. Google uses them to answer the question of user in the fastest possible way, omitting the need of clicking on additional link through Internet search engine in order to get demanded information. So the aim is to show Google that Your website suits ideally this desired place.

Experience of user

In the world of marketing, the research continuously moves towards online seekers, when they enter specific keywords. The optimization for Internet search engines does not consist only in placing popular keywords on websites. It concerns the integration of keywords to ensure that Your website will play its role for Internet search engine. For your own profit You want consumers to intend to seek products and services offered by Your website.

When somebody looks for specific phrase in Internet search engine, it wants to give the most exact and helpful result. For persons who search, when they are led to more practical result, it gives them good idea about it who they should do business with.

The optimization of intentions is the future, because the future of the search in 2019 and later is voice search. Voice Search clears intentions of user in accelerated mode. Instead of entering abridged versions of intention of the search, the consumer can determine clearly now, what he/she looks for in the scope of products or services and even information.

The best way to achieve optimal intentions of user is to think about oneself as about somebody who carries out the search. What do You look for? What calls for action will influence You to find out more about product or service? What value would be the most adequate to Your experiences with website?

The optimization of intentions of user in 2019 will be more important than ever, mainly due to the increase of voice search.

Voice search

It is estimated that to 2020 50 percent of all searches will be carried out using voice. People will use devices with voice service, such as Google Home to perform at least 30 percent of all searches without using the screen.

Voice search is usually longer than the search entered by means of keyboard. Therefore Your SEO should be concentrated on finding and using keywords, which are from seven to nine words, which people are willing to use in conversations. These keywords frequently contain the question.

However the most important growth rate of the number of voice searches in 2019 is simple, it is enormous increase of sales of devices with artificial intelligence. Additionally people look for local companies and services by mean of devices of voice search with stunning speed.

Local SEO

Local searches are particularly essential for companies, which rely on attracting local customers. For dentist with the seat in Cracow the most important keyword should be “dentist Cracow”.

The best way to ensure the optimization of website of local dentist is to indicate, where the company acts. Small companies should focus on the optimization of local search. In 2019 local target of the search will become even more precise. Additional precision means even more directed search results.

It is the fact that the vicinity signifies for all of us. If identical or a bit lower quality of service is 10 kilometers closer to us, we can choose it instead of the competitors. When You can make Your way to streets and use the possibility of mobile search, walking the street You can look for delicatessen and head towards the closest shop. The same scenario will appear probably, when consumers will visit shops, where there is not a product, which they look for. In such cases consumers will want to find the nearest company where the product is available.

Highly directed search campaigns in respect of SEO and paid advertising will rule in 2019. The closer local business can reach initially qualified consumer, the more probable it is that financial transaction will happen.

Content is still in the first place

Publishing valuable content as marketing strategy is already popular for marketers and will be continuously applied in next years. Creating high quality, engaging content can inform people about it, what website or company consists in. It is also the signal for readers that the company takes care of helping people, what is ideal for brand image.

2019 will not differ from previous years with regard to intense influence of content on rankings in Internet search engines. The production of content is basic business model, which whole SEO industry already knows about and more and more new companies decide to publish content on their websites. In 2019 if Your website is poor with regard to content, probably You will not make considerable progress in the range of SEO and positions in Internet search engines. You have to beat competitors decidedly in the sphere of content, if You want to be higher.

The possibility of possessing wide range of proven content will bring benefits for website from various viewpoints. It concerns also internal links which help Google to find out more about new and old content, which You produced.

Improve safety of Your website

If You are the user of Google Chrome, did You notice recently that short message or icon of padlock appears in left corner of address bar? And it is very disturbing that sometimes this corner begins waving red flag with inscription “Not secured” frantically. It is decidedly not encouraging welcome on website.

These messages are the result of the update of security features of Google from July 2018, which implementation means that websites, which do not support HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) are now loaded with this warning and furthermore they are less beneficial in ranking preferences of Google. Generally speaking it is great message. HTTP websites cause that data of users are more exposed to the access or the manipulation by third parties. As Internet users themselves it is worth to know that Google takes steps in order to ensure online safety.

Significantly greater competition

Online marketing and the struggle for the place in it will be more intense than ever. More and more companies concentrate on online marketing, what should create the environment, in which several companies in given area will compete as well in digital world, as in real world. What is more, smaller brands will have to compete with great corporations, which have proven marketing teams working for them. Therefore so many smaller companies turn towards professional marketers.

For these people who are beginners in the world of search rankings and online marketing, the company, which deals with digital marketing can help with the optimization of keywords, social network platforms, the research, the personalization and finding new strategies, which will help companies to develop. Of course positioning, which will still give companies the advantage over their competitors who do not focus on this very important aspect, which is continuously possible to use in the fight for top positions in Google, will be still in fashion.

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