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Positioning, everything, what You should know 

For several years the rule governs in Internet: “If you are not visible in Internet, it means that |You do not exist”. How can we help ourselves? There are several proven methods, one of them is positioning.

The principle is that we try to position our website through selected keywords. How can it be done, so that internet search engine displays our website in the first position? Internet search engines display and classify websites in their results in not accidental way, the algorithm is responsible for it. The aim of SEO agency is to position Your website as high as possible in results of internet search engine. Thanks to positioning Your website has the chance to better its position, will increase the number of visits and recognition of Your brand.

What do we offer our contractors

  • free consulting
  • analysis of keywords
  • determination of strategy of positioning
  • SEO audit of website
  • searching converting keywords
  • adaptation of website to current SEO standards
  • control of website with use of newest SEO tools
  • acquiring additional traffic from other internet search engines
  • acquiring content for website and sponsored articles
  • acquiring valuable links leading to Your website
  • building awareness of the brand
  • monitoring acvtivities of SEO competition
  • advisory services in advertising campaigns
  • optimization of website

How does cooperation with Seo Managment look 

1. Determination of mutual strategy

It is important to determine appropriate strategy of action at the very beginning. Each of our customers is different, different industry, different website, different idea for business. On the basis of information provided by You we try to determine as good as possible strategy of positioning. This stage is for our customers completely free, its aim is to get to know each other, to obtain basic information for the next actions.

2. SEO audit and optimization

After determination of strategy, it ist time for the audit, we wrote little more about this process here. The aim of the audit is to introduce such solutions, so that Your website is as much optimized as possible. We adapt |Your website to selected keywords and requirements of internet search engines. When Your website is already optimized, we move on to next steps in the process of positioning.

3. Link Building

When results of the audit are already introduced, it is time for the next stage and it is just link building – it is the main action aimed at positioning website, it is nothing more than acquiring links from external websites.
So that the link is fully valuable, it has to be acquired from as good sources as possible, sponsored articles, thematic forums, blogs or valuable catalogues.

4. Report

All our actions are analysed just for this reason, so that You obtain every month clear and valuable report. The aim of monthly report is to show effects of our work and You will find in it such information as: positions from internet search engine, list of acquired links and the report from SEO software.

What distinguishes us?

The motto of our company is “we all earn money”, by establishing cooperation we offer our contractors beneficial financial solutions, especially attractive solution is percentage share in profits, therefore You pay us only for the result! If actions taken by us do not bring effect, You pay nothing for it. Such strategy forces us in a way to work in high gear and to be involved at every stage of cooperation.

Every day our company tries to increase sales, visibility of our customers. Long-term experience in various industries taught us the importance of involvement and mutual trust. Our actions are based on the newest trends, analytics and experience.


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