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If somebody wants to begin promoting his activity on the web, it is worth investing currently in services of agency dealing with SEO promotion – i.e. positioning websites in search results of recipients and SEM – i.e. the element of Internet marketing, using for example paid advertisements visible on websites searched by users of the web. We can decide to begin proper positioning of our business on the web on our own, but entrepreneurs decide much more often to use services of specialists – their knowledge and acquaintance with the market and mechanisms, which manage positioning on the web will bring us surely measurable benefits in the form of achieving assumed purposes. However the choice of agency is also related to a kind of risk – if we will make wrong choice and will choose unprofessional agency dealing with SEO promotion, not only we will not achieve our marketing objectives, but we will also lose means invested by us.

How to choose proper SEO agency?

It is worth remembering that the best agency dealing with promoting given websites data on the web through SEO and SEM will be the agency, in which top-class agents work who permanently improve their qualifications and take care of possessing the latest knowledge from the field of positioning on the website, the functioning of Google Adwords system – advertising system of Google. It is worth seeking specialists from this field on the web, especially on Facebook, in following groups, which gather a wide range of specialists:

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Seo specialists – market

Using these groups not only we can get acquainted with a wide range of specialists and choose this specialist, whose services meet our expectations – in the range of price and quality. It is also worth getting acquainted with opinions of people who already used such services. Maybe we have among our acquaintances, in family or generally in our environment somebody who already had the opportunity to use services of particular agency and will be able to answer our questions, which will be most probably related to such issues as effects of such cooperation, its price, the scope, which the contract includes, which was concluded between the agency and given entity. It is also worth searching such information on the web – on various kinds of forums persons using sevices of SEO and SEM agency express their opinions and share their experiences and impressions after cooperation with given agency – in any case it is worth to get to know to the market to make the decision supported by proper arguments for specific agency in the form of satisfied customers who achieved their objective in positioning their business on the web.

However it is worth keeping in mind that some agencies take care of their own image on the web and of it that there is not any negative information about their activities, therefore if we have any doubts regarding the reliability of given agency – it is worth getting in contact with it and asking it for making available contact with entrepreneurs, with whom they established cooperation recently in order to verify their offer. Then if given agency will not have anything to hide, it will surely share its success with us.

Which agencies are worth avoiding?

It is also worth avoiding SEO and SEM agencies, which guarantee incredibly quick results at low price and in very short time – it is worth remembering that activity of Google Adwords, positioning are complicated processes and the approach to marketing for every customer should be very individual issue – which requires exploring specificity of the company, the scope of its activity. Therefore it is not worth to expect quick and great results in very short time, because it is simply unfeasible and if given agency guarantees such kind of service, there is high probability that it does it very exaggeratedly without taking into consideration the possibilities of marketing agents and the market.

What prices should be expected for the provision of services from the field of marketing on the web in good SEO and SEM agencies?

It is worth to get to know, what prices for services of SEO and SEM agencies are in the market in order not to be cheated by the payment of too high fee for the provisions of service expected by us. Prices of this kind of services, depending on customer, vary from several hundred zlotys to even several thousand zlotys. Everything depends here on the valuation of specific agency and on such factors as kind of promoted enterprise and the nature of business of given customer. For example – monthly fee for positioning on the web can amount 400 zloty, while in the situation, if the customer is, let us say, medium-sized shop, operating on the web, prices begin from about 700-800 zlotys and reach the limit of 2-10 thousand zlotys – depending on it, what given package includes and how the agreement between service provider and customer is drawn up. It is worth comparing prices and packages of particular agencies to choose this one, which is the most beneficial for us and meets our expectations as much as possible.

Therefore percentage share in profit seems to be interesting solution, the advantage of such solution is it that in this way we force the agency to continuous and reliable cooperation, let us call it just “doing its best“, the more the agency will earn for us, the more it will also get from us and in case, if however the business would not succeed, we do not suffer such large losses as in the case of often high periodical fee.

The choice of proper SEO and SEM agency is not easy task and requires some research on the web and getting to know to it, which agencies we have the possibility to cooperate with, what it is based on and how its final results can look like. However it is worth taking into consideration that despite the effort put at the beginning, the use of this kind of services is currently the most common form of marketing and gives the best results in the range of positioning, what we surely care about, when we decide to cooperate with such kind of agencies. This cooperation is also related to quite large investment – however it is worth remembering that finally if the agency chosen by us will perform its work appropriately – our enterprise should develop and invested money should not only pay off, but also bring us profit in the form of coming new customers to our company, on whose maintenance we should then begin working.

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