SEO audit – what is it?

SEO, i.e. search engine optimization is the basis of the fight for good position in internet search engine. The website should be optimized with regard to Google algorithm.

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This algorithm determines, which factors influence positively the visibility of website in Google. Unfortunately mentioned factors are not disclosed by Google, therefore it is necessary to carry out the audit.

SEO auditi.e. the first stage of optimization

The analysis of aspects, which influence positively or negatively the visibility of website is one of the first things, which should be done. Only in this way the owners of website will find out, how the brand can be effectively promoted on the Internet. SEO audit can be carried out with means of free tools. However the effects of such audit are the most often incomprehensible reports, full of dry information. The owner of website is not instructed, how the operation of website can be improved. While specialists from the field of SEO pass on specific hints to customers, which should be put

into effect. The audit carried out by SEO agency includes the analysis of following issues:

  • keywords – which keywords cause actually displaying website in internet search engine
  • quality of the content and the resources – does the content focus on correct keywords? Is long tail positioning possible?
  • correctness of website index – are every subpage and home page correctly indexed in internet search engine?
  • external linking – do qualitative return links lead to website? Were external links not placed on improper websites? Is the number of such links not excessive?
  • internal linking – are resources not duplicated? Do internal links as menus and lists of subpage lists influence positively position in Google?
  • correctness of URL addresses – are URL addresses of every subpage displayed correctly?
  • number of errors and problems – do errors and filters not disrupt positioning?

Improvement of position of website in internet search engine

The analysis conducted by specialists will help them to obtain detailed information about website. Customer will receive specific information, which will help to improve position of website in Google. Maybe content and resources of website require corrections. The content should be created in respect of keywords, which are conducive to optimization. Specialists can recommend creating such contents and resources as: articles, headings, descriptions containing declined or not declined keywords and sequences of words. Maybe redesigning website will turn out to be necessary. It concerns for example the situation, when resources are duplicated and too many subpages concern one keyword. Also the change of strategy of external linking is often required. Google robots are more and more improved, therefore currently the most important is quality and not quantity. Thematic connection of website, on which external links are placed, is essential. Not without significance is also the popularity and general quality of such website.

Brand recognition on the Internet is also dependent on the number of redirections. In other words the more popular the website is, the better. This factor is supported with the use ofsocial networking services and thematic portals. It is also possible to invest in advertisements. There is however no doubt that the most important aspect currently is brand recognition and position of website in Google. The easier potential customers will reach website, the higher number of interested people. It is also worth to take care of transparency and aesthetics of website. Even large number of visits will not guarantee good results if searching information will be disrupted by errors. Website should look good on computers and mobile devices.

Each hasty edition of website can cause far-reaching results. Therefore it is not worth making changes without consultation with SEO agencyOne small change lowers often significantly position of website in internet search engine. Rebuilding position can take up to several weeks. While changes made according to instructions, will cause the improvement of visibility in Google! Building recognizable brand in the web requires enormous knowledge. Positioning is delicate process, which should be carried out in careful and well-thought-out way.

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