SEO Tips

Website positioning is one of the basic obligations of companies whose contact with the customer begins with www. However, only the largest companies outsource this activity to external and specialized institutions. In most cases, the entrepreneur, especially the entrepreneur, independently seeks SEO advice and tries to implement it at his own place. Of course, he looks for advice on Google and you have to admit that there are plenty of them, created partly by specialists in the subject, but also people who share their experiences supported by success. In a huge amount of advice, more or less valuable, there are absolutely basic advice, directed to novice website operators, like more advanced ones directed to professionals.

Absolutely basic SEO tips

The absolutely basic condition for the presence of recipients on the site is its loading speed. Nothing disturbs the recipient so much as the slow opening of subsequent subpages, even when the fault is on his side due to, for example, the quality of internet transmission. Professional storefronts with their own servers usually do not have this problem, but small medium enterprises using hosting already do. Slow loading of the page usually means one thing, escape customers. Opening the page should not take longer than 5 seconds. If the waiting time is longer, change it immediately. Usually, the reason is content that is not adapted to the characteristics of data transmission, and it can be easily fixed by changing even the parameters of the hosting. The speed of the website determines the first impression and further activity of the recipient. There are many ways to shorten the page load. You can even apply image compression or file compression and minification. However, all these tasks still apply to servers.

SEO basics – meta description tags

Until recently, the meta Description tag was an important element of website positioning, significantly affecting the results of internet search. That is why they were saturated to the limit with key phrases for a particular page. For several years now, following Google information, it is known that from the point of view of positioning their zero constant value. This does not mean, however, that it is not worth using them purely for information and synthetic content will not attract the attention of the recipient seeking specific information on the web. Therefore, taking into account this aspect of the descriptions, it is worth preparing it in such a way that with the help of a few visible words draw the recipient’s attention to the content of his page, which must intensify the traffic on the subpage. Bearing in mind the former usability of this technique, the title should be about 60 characters and the description should be up to 155 characters.

Marketing – the perfect site

When looking for information on the Internet, they are constantly attracted by messy pages, with banal content and with stylistic or punctuation errors. Meanwhile, the official website, regardless of the subject of activity should be immaculate, and the material and comprehensive content. There is nothing worse than trivial, meaningless descriptions, which are quickly overlooked and escapes from the page even faster. Good, substantive content is the basis, without errors, typos and unprofessional composition. They may not have such a significant impact, but website optimization also involves the participation of recipients who should not quickly give up browsing it. The page should also be checked for the correctness of various types of documents: HTML, HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML etc.

Increase website traffic is the subject of SEO agency activities. Entrepreneurs outsource this task to them, but they usually have a problem with proper enforcement of their work, and above all with understanding mechanisms. They receive reports that they do not understand, but which they often do not want to understand, considering that it is the domain of the rented company. However, it is worth paying attention to the materials received and, above all, force the agency to prepare such reports that will be readable by a layman.

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