SEO tools, which will change Your activity (2019)

SEO tools are undoubtedly inseparable element in the work of each marketer. They facilitate the analysis, find valuable links and also deliver wide spectrum of monitoring of search results. With the popularization of such disciplines as data science or artificial intelligence, the word positioning changed its meaning considerably. If we would approach this topic already few years ago, the list would look completely different and would consist mainly of tools for automation of the process of link building. Currently the issue is more technical, it requires a lot of patience and perfecting the campaign with regard to individual factors. Read the following entry to find out, which free of charge and payable tools can revolutionize the destiny of conducted campaigns.

Payable SEO tools

ScreamingFrog (also in free version)

Screaming Frog is the tool, from which every professionally planned SEO campaign should begin. Many novices treat positioning as the action limited to building as many incoming links as possible. Unfortunately without solid foundations there is not good house Therefore the tool with green logo of the frog was created, which allows to conduct technical and exact SEO audit. The tool functions similarly to traditional spiders with this difference that it shares with the user the data, which it managed to acquire.

Through indicating single URL address of own domain, we will obtain in pleasant visual form: maps of website in XML format, statistics and missing meta descriptions, information about errors and redirections (404, 301, 501 etc.). Deciding on premium version, in the case of larger projects we will plan scanning for later, will configure the robot, will integrate the program with Google tools, will create the file robots.txt and also will get support for mobile AMP format. In both versions information about missing headings, problems with URL/URI addresses, data with dynamic parameters or not functioning external links will not lack.

Regarding limits, in free of charge version the “spider” (the robot) will visit 500 subpages. In payable version the number of audits will not be limited. Screaming Frog has the support for such JavaScript frameworks as React, Angular or Vue.js. (with freebacklinkchecker)

Surely everybody who thought about conducting the audit of the competition heard about this complex, but intuitive tool. After buying the package we will obtain the access to innumerable functions. However it is necessary to count to the most important functions “site explorer”, “keywords explorer”, “content explorer” and backlink checker. They help comprehensively to check incoming links of given subpage, determine the number of phrases appearing in given domain or work out the strategy of content marketing of the competition. It is also excellent tool for looking for non functioning links, which give the opportunity to take over them by getting in touch with the owner of website.

Ahrefs, similarly to Moz or Majestic, uses its own metrics, which are the estimation resulting from collected data. Trial version of this tool is available on website of Ahrefs. In free of charge version for filling in pictorial captcha we will obtain basic information about the profile of links of given domain or selected subpage. The cost of trial version is $7 and data of payment card for 7 days.

Majestic SEO

Despite the amount of data, which it delivers, it is not as precise and widely recogzised as its predecessor – i.e. AHrefs. Less computing power of servers and a bit different methodology of operation does not give such large number of collected links. After buying the subscription for minimal amount of €46.99 we will obtain the access to site/search explorer, the history of links of given domain and API built into the service.

There are two types of available indexes on website – new and historical. The first index will allow to obtain current data, refreshed on ongoing basis and useful in the analysis of the competition. The second index comes in useful in the case of domains with uncertain future – when we want to find out more about the history of selected domain, for example during shopping. The metrics of Majestic as opposed to other unofficial tools are regarded as more reliable – Trust Flow (TF), topical Trust Flow and Citation Flow (CF) belong to them.

The advantage of the service is grouping domains into particular categories. Thanks to this fact it is easy to determine, how the profile of links relates to the activity run by the owner.


Polish SEO tool dedicated to observing Polish version of Google search engine. It is used to monitor the position (we will check TOP3, TOP10, TOP50 for given phrases). On the basis of daily and weekly reports we will compare our visibility with the visibility of competitors in appointed periods. We will find out, which phrases ares used by competitors and what information it is worth to expand own website. We will check, if there is not the cannibalization of the content on our website, we will find exuberant long tail and semantically linked phrases (LSI).

Senuto in the package from 249 Zlotys guarantees the integration with Google Analytics and Search Console. For 799 Zlotys we will obtain access to API. In enterprise version we will have at our disposal the planner of the content, internal linking and automated SEO consulting. Everything will operate on the basis of so-called big data and machine learning. If we care about conducting the analysis of foreign market, tools described on previous positions for many people will be more accurate choice.


Semstorm can support campaigns in similar way to Senuto. Due to the fact that it is older tool, it is not so willingly chosen as strongly promoted alternatives. Despite this fact, it is still used by large brands and facilitates the work of professionals from the department of marketing. The tool is used above all for daily monitoring of selected key phrases (also on mobile devices), creating reports, comparisons and collecting data about potential keywords.

In the panel after the purchase we will have the possibility to conduct the Lighthouse audit, the analysis of particular resources of website and written content. We will generate useful and based on many sources proposals of keywords. We will integrate Semstorm with search consoles and google analytics. The advantage is lower price, although a bit outdated interface of the application can deter many customers can. For the price of 149 Zlotys monthly we will obtain the panel version for 2 users. Therefore if we will decide to divide the subscription into two persons, we will pay the least from among all tools mentioned in this article.


Scrapebox, despite its potential, lost its popularity in time. Its glory days fall more or less on 2010 – 2015, when it was used above all to collect lists of links, build them, and conduct deeper, but automated research of keywords. The tool is aimed at helping in so-called “scrapping”, which consists in automatic collection of data on the basis of footprints specified by the user – the result generated by Scrapebox is dependent just on them. It has wide list of add-ons, which facilitate the work of SEO specialist. In a trice we will eliminate duplicates, will check the state of domains, will analyze the map of website or will collect the list of articles for later “rewriting”. It is known mainly in the environment of people operating under the symbol of “black hat” – black-hat – i.e. unethical positioning.

Free of charge SEO tools

Many persons who act single-handedly are able to give up SEO actions completely due to the lack of data about their competitors and unbelievably high prices of payable solutions. Checking keywords, looking for new ideas for the content or the analysis of the visibility of given domain are associated by the majority are associated with the necessity of buying expensive subscription. Neil Patel – British entrepreneur who deals professionally with online marketing since the childhood, gives us helping hand. As CEO of one of the most popular tools for the optimization of conversion of “Crazy Egg” he decided to make free set of tools available for the analysis of keywords and tracking links on the basis of global index within the attraction of attention.

On website, after entering the domain address, we will obtain information about the profile of links, automated SEO audit taking into consideration such factors as the speed of loading, the number of headings or missing pages. In the tab “top pages” we will find out, which subpages dominate Google search engine, will acquaint ourselves with the estimations concerning traffic and what caused that they are so high. We have also the possibility to receive suggestions of new keywords and ideas for new content. It is the best to treat whis web application as “all in one” solution for people who begin their adventure with positioning.

Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Search Console etc.

Although the above tools are free and prepared by Google, in the hands of true specialist they can deliver such data, about which payable competition did not dream. The range, which we obtain from owners of the giant from Mountain View, allows to collect practically all data, which our website generates.

The combination of Google Analytics and Tag Manager will give information about sales results, will show exact statistics concerning visitors, we will get to know the source of their visits and with additional configuration we will note even single click on hardly visible button.

In order to improve technical SEO and identify problems appearing within website Search Console will help. Integrated with other tools, it will allow to conduct comprehensive analysis of profiles of links, identify quickly 4xx or 3xx errors and waive low quality links, which threaten our position in search engine.

Google Trends is aimed at delivering us information about current trends and topics related to them. For instance after entering the phrase “boxing” we will receive the list of boxers who significantly gained the popularity recently. In the campaign Keyword Planner increases considerably our chances for finding so-called keywords – pearls.

During work operating in the cloud Google drive service – for saving important files and Google sheets – for collecting, processing and analyzing data, can be useful too.

PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix

From the very beginning of its existence, the Internet accustomed us to easy and instant accessibility of specific content. With the appearance of quick fiber optic lines, we stopped being limited by low speed of data transmission, delays or our geolocation. For more than one decade, websites known to us load in less than 2 – 3 seconds. Potential customer or even the robot of Google search engine due to its habit will expect the same from us – and therefore we have to be able to ensure it.

Two tools: Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix turn out to be helpful in the optimization of the speed of website. Both tools are called as “for developers”, but after reading some tutorials and the application of proper plugins in CMS, the reduction of unnecessary network loads or the weight of particular images should not cause bigger problems.

PageSpeed Insights will generate within over ten seconds information about it, what loads us the most and what would be worth improving. Most frequently we will be asked for removing unnecessary CSS code, asynchronous loading scripts of Javascript language or displaying images in modern formats as .webp or .jpeg2000. Often it will be necessary to take care of static storage of files in cache files on the computer of the user (leverage browser caching).

GTMetrix will allow to carry out comparison to the competition, determine total weight of website, the number of sent requests and will also show the historical index of tests of given website. Furthermore it will display full report, which will consist of factors of specific classes. Red indexes require immediate action, green – can remain without larger changes.

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