Social Media and Seo

For a long time It is already not a secret that Social Media have enormous influence on the content placed on the Internet. The power, which comes from well-maintained accounts in Social Media, gives extraordinary possibilities to notice the product or the service offered to customers. Although there are constantly heated discussions about the topic, if Internet search engines take into account links coming from social media, there is no doubt today that it is really so.

The influence of Social Media on positioning.

Underestimated power of Social Media.

Until recently social media were treated exclusively as a hobby. Nobody took them seriously as one of sources of acquiring links for website. Links from social media, containing the attribute rel=”nofollow”, were treated by Google as useless, what in turn caused lower rankings of websites in Internet search engine. Such conduct did not generate much traffic on the website. However the attribute rel=”nofollow” contained in links coming from social media, can turn out to be important during planning the strategies of linking, which are used mainly for marketing purposes.

It is important that Social Media profiles are not the only place where links are placed. Ideally, It is the best, if the link is part of the content or refers to it, if it indicates that there is the extension of presented content under the link. It is worth remembering that the content, which are made available on accounts of social media, have real influence on SEO activities. Still changing algorithm of Google focuses increasingly on the quality of links, which are used to redirect to specific website.

Thanks to linking in Social Media we can acquire so-called social signals. Social signals include all obtained interactions, which occur between users and specific profile. Here obtained likes, retweets, shares, comments, new followers are counted. However we still look forward to official confirmation of such strategy of Google.

Social Media and SEO – positioning in Google+.

Google + is the only channel of Social Media, which plays real role in positioning activities. Acquired links contain the attribute “dofollow”, it is possible to build the community around the brand or profile during using it. Companies use willingly the services of AdWords agency, because it translates into real effects. The quality of the content, which is made available, is extremely important, what translates into involvement of the community and will encourage to establish interactions. The greatest chance to achieve the success have companies, which can boast large number of committed users, regardless of possessed channel in social media.

So-called +1 (pluses) are very important and they play extremely essential role, because they are awarded to materials, which contain good quality of content. Thanks to transforming this content into links containing “dofollow”is possible, which will have direct influence on positioning in Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs). The principle of action is quite simple. Each observer gives internal link to the profile, which contains the attribute “dofollow. Simultaneously it obtains SEO power. The more observers, the stronger the profile seems to be.

Social Media and SEO – positioning on Twitter.

Twitter is important social media today. Linking on Twitter influences search results thanks to the cooperation of Twitter with Google. Large amount of content appearing on this website (there are even 250 thousand per minute) causes that if somebody would want to index all content of Google on ongoing basis, he would need enormous power. The agreement concluded between these two companies gives Google the access to the stream of posts (tweets) without sending them to website of the bot.

The popularity of website, large number of active users gives the possibility to track the content. It is enough to enter popular hashtag into Internet search engine and in exchange we get the latest news, which concern it. Therefore the popularity of some topics on Twitter can have real reflection in available search results. So proper using links on social media channel of Twitter is additional option for increasing traffic on website.

Social Media and SEO – positioning on Pinterest.

Pinterest is currently the mine of inspirations and new ideas. But only few people know that it can turn out to be helpful in positioning website. Available tool for SEO activities in the form of channel on Pinterest is the possibility to increase traffic on website. The configuration in the section related to settings of privacy is here very important. Public access for every user is important. Only in this way the account will be indexed byInternet search engine.

It is also worth using power of keywords. It is possible to place them in the name and description of individual pins, boards. Appropriately selected hashtags will increase the probability of indexing content in Internet search engine. However it is necessary to remember that content linked from Pinterest contains the attribute “nofollow”. Therefore it is worth to link to website, using pins for this purpose.

Social Media and SEO – positioning on Linkedln.

Linkedln gives currently a lot of possibilities to position own website. To make reaching as many people as possible easier, it is worth working on staying in top positions in search results of phrases related to the company. To obtain the best results it is worth using keywords related to the company and the industry. The profile in Linkedln gives also the possibility to link.

To ensure the generation of traffic on website, it is needed to be constantly active and build the community focused around the profile. It is also worth taking active part in discussions, publishing various kinds of information and remembering to update information about oneself. Today Social Media are inherent part of life of each person. It is worth to focus on selected channels and take care of the image and build personal brand. However the most important is content, which is made available, because little interesting content will not help us to build the community.

Despite the lack of more detailed information concerning the topic, how the activity in social media influences positioning, it is worth spending some time and effort to obtain satisfying results.

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