The optimization of website for Google search engine

At present it is hard to imagine building the position on the Internet without appropriate optimization for SEO and positioning of websites. If You are the entrepreneur or You are responsible for it, how Your website appears for Google robots, then the information, which You will find in the following article will be surely very useful for You. The optimizationfor SEO can not seem to be so complicated at the first glance. Unfortunately the competition is currently so big that taking care of only basic elements is not sufficient. For this reason we created especially for You this comprehensive guide, in which You will find all information, which are necessary for basic optimization of website.

Why is the optimization of search engines important for Your business

The more SEO is optimized on website, the more attention Google pays to it, so the higher it appears in rankings of search engines. It is of great importance, because it is essential to ensure that people see Your company during entering keywords related to Your company. The higher the probability that they will see it, the more probable that they will click on the link, which directs them to target website, main page or e-commerce website. Briefly speaking it means that then bigger chances for the sale appear.

It is free of charge traffic on website coming from people who look actively for this information, what increases the probability of taking actions regardless of it, if they want to register in the e-mail list or buy the product in fact. Often this type of traffic turns out to be much more effective and valuable than payable advertisements as for example pay-per-clik or advertising banners. According to statistics at least 64 percent of traffic on Your website will come from efforts of SEO called “organic” traffic. It is necessary to remember also that people who visit Your website as organic traffic resulting from efforts of SEO, are usually more valuable in the range of buying (they spend more money) than these people who come thanks to payable advertisements.

Statistics show that less than 25 percent of users visited other page of search engine than the first one. According to the research conducted by Advanced Web Ranking, 67 percent of clicks concerns the first five results and # 1 Spot takes over 30 percent of clicks. Think about it, if people trust more the company, which focuses only on advertising or this company, which is recommended by Google? So how is it possible to attract attention of Google and increase all these benefits? Fortunately there are some quite easy corrections, which can be implemented to make Your website friendly for Google.


The first step, which You have to take before the beginning of the optimization of website, is to search keywords.

What is the examination of keywords?

The examination of keywords is the process of searching and analyzing real conditions of the search of terms, which people enter into search engines. The insight into this real terms of the search can help in finding the strategy of the content and also in improving marketing strategy.

The search of keywords is very important, because You will build the content of whole website on the basis of them. In order to begin prepare all words, which can be used for describing the content of Your website and the activity of the company. Then check, if they are also important for people who use search engines. You can do it using free devices, for example Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner and payable tools, which give a bit more possibilities – KWFinder,

When You have checked all keywords, which are important for Your website, it is time for the beginning of SEO optimization for Google on Your website.


You have heard certainly about it that the content is the most important, therefore You want to write the content, which will be recognized by the audience as valuable and attractive. Besides current nature of the content, the way of formatting websites can influence it, how bots of search engine will treat its content. Each created website should have catchy and thought-provoking heading, which will attract attention of the reader and contain keyword or phrase, which website includes. Furthermore take care of it that keywords, bold fonts and all, what could improve the experience of the reader, is contained in the content.

The structure of URL

The structure of URL address of website can have impact on the ability of search engines to index and understand the content of website. The choice of more organized structure of URL addresses will have really big influence on the position of Your website. If You can edit URL address, You should add the title of Your website or post. In fact some programs for creating websites, such as for example HubSpot, generate automatically URL addresses on the basis of the content of website to eliminate this problem. If You use WordPress, You can apply YoastSEO.


There is nothing worse that landing on website and struggling with large amount of complicated text. Therefore photos are not only great way for dividing the text into parts, but they serve also as the possibility of communicating with search engines. Due to the fact that search engines can not recognize, what photo is, through looking at it, they search for hints in two other places. Each photo sent to website has the name of file. After placing the image on website the name of file of image is actually in source code of website or in HTML format. For this reason that search engines look through the code of Your website, You should use names of files, which describe the image. For example„tennis-court-tarnów.jpg‟ is significantly more useful than „pic12345.jpg‟. Furthermore You can give hand to search engines additionally, placing alt tags in all photos on Your website. Alt tags are short fragments of the code, which enable marking each photo on website with short description.

Meta tags

Besides real text heading on the page each created website has the tag of title. It is the fragment of text, which appears in left upper corner or on cards of Internet browser. Furthermore the tag of title is blue link, which search engines show, when they display Your website in SERP. Markers of titles have maximally 75 signs, so choose words cleverly. Meta tags are fragments of the code, which You can place in HTML of Your website. Meta tags are usually placed near the code of the tag of title in the heading of HTML code. Meta description is the fragment of text, which describes, what Your specific website consists inin. Meta descriptions are usually the first place, in which search engine will look or text placed under Your blue link, when they will display Your website in SERP. If You does not have meta description, search engines choose usually random fragment of the content from website, to which they lead. Meta description is limited to 150 signs.


When bots of search engines scan websites, they look for hints to determine exactly, what Your website concerns. Keywords are treated in other way than the majority of other words, they are showed to search engines for this reason that they are more important than other words on website. Due to this fact using tags of headings on website is essential. Applying various tags of headings (each tag will generate the heading with other size) You will not only facilitate reading website from the viewpoint of the reader, but You will also give to search engines final hints, which concern it, what is contained on website.

Internal linking

Until this moment we referred only to links coming to Your website from other websites. During creating the content on Your website, on Your blog or on specific websites, You can want to refer to other pages on your website. You can do it by inserting the link to other website in the content of specific website. Using the text of anchor is even advisable during connecting to other website or blog. When the text of anchoring is used, it means that website, which You connect to, concerns keyword or expression, which You use as the anchor. It is another way, in which You can help search engines. The same relates to linking to other articles, which are on Your website. Thanks to this Your website becomes neater and users do not have to leave it to find all searched information.

For some time now Google chose the tactic that aims at causing that all websites are secured by SSL-certificate. Green padlock, which appears on such websites, is good sign for visitors and the message for Google robots that website is more reliable. The purchase of SSL certificate is not expensive, therefore You should consider assertively buying it.

Responsiveness on mobile devices

Currently more than half of searches in Google takes place from mobile devices. It shows surely clearly, how important proper creation of website is, which will be responsive on phones. It influences the User Experiance index, because if somebody will open website, but will leave it quickly due to slow loading, he sends automatically important signal to Google, which reduces the value of website.
Off page SEO

So far, we talked only about the optimization, which concerned it, what is on website, i.e. On page SEO. Now we will move on to a bit more difficult actions, namely Off Page SEO.

In comparison to website positioning, off-page positioning can surely be more difficult to carry out. Off page SEO requires building relationships with other websites by creating attractive content or reaching people, who run valuable websites. This process of building relationships is called link building. It is important here, who connects to You, how somebody connects to You and how Your content is made available in social networks and on the Internet. All these factors will have significant influence on the position of Your website in SERP.

Although twenty links coming from websites of Your acquaintances can be good beginning of linking to Your website, obtaining one link from large publication or educational website ( with the address .edu) can be worth more than the power of these twenty links. Due to the fact that Internet is in fact interconnected network of websites, which form World Wide Web, not each link is the same. Links from main publications and blogs provide usually more links to links because they are visited by millions of people every day. Therefore they have incredible influence on viral marketing. Similarly as in the case, when the text of anchor is used to link internal website with other website, using the text of anchoring in the case of links to other website can be very helpful during the creation of the accuracy of some keywords and phrases. If you have such option, request always the text of anchor, which is rich in keywords for the link, which uses Your domain.

General tactics applied to build links is to buy them. This and other prohibited actions can help to build false position in the eyes of Google, however it can be related to punishing website by Google, therefore we do not recommend this option.

Use the power of social media

Using social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn exploded within last few years. In fact the newest ComScore data suggest that the largest part of all the time spent online is devoted to social networks. With hundreds of millions of users in social networks who share the content found online with their friends and observers, search engines began paying attention to this. According to SEO the possibility of social activity, which website has in social networks (actions, recommendations, likes, links, +1, etc.) is very important factor for the ability of this website to be in the ranking in SERP. Speaking simply, search engines realized that the content shared in social networks is extremely influential and for this reason should be of larger importance. Besides using social networks in order to engage new potential customers, acquire potential customers and build the awareness of the brand, companies should consider all benefits of SEO, which they do not notice without the presence of the brand. To make use of the rise in SERP rankings thanks to social media, You have to facilitate making the content available. Implementing buttons of social networks on website is the easiest way of achieving this objective. The installation of these buttons is easy, if you use such service as AddThis. Moreover, the software for blogging HubSpot adds automatically this functionality. WordPress offers many free of charge plugins, which add automatically buttons of sharing to website too.

Use e-mail marketing

Nowadays almost each company uses e-mail to take care of relationships with current and potential customers and uses promotional e-mail campaigns to attract new customers. It is no wonder that together with the disappearance of advertising letters within last few years, e-mail marketing became really popular. The configuration of mail program, finding potential customers and sending them messages was never easier. Of course extreme pace, at which enterprises adopted e-mail, deteriorated its effectiveness in whole industry. However You can do it well. Besides clear call to activity in e-mail messages, in order to take care of the list, manage potential customers and encourage them to share the content with acquaintances.

Use the help of experts

As You could find out, SEO is not easy process at all. Additionally keeping in mind it that we wrote wrote about about the basics, full optimization can seem to be quite complicated. So if You want to obtain effective advice, our team – invites You to get in contact with us. We are the team of professionals who will take care of the graphics on Your website, the optimization, link building, the creation of content and everything, what will cause that Your website will be excellent marketing tool.

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