Tools supporting SEO activity

If you heard about positioning, SEO or social media, you know surely that these are actions carried out by means of specialist tools improving the implementation of such campaigns.

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Due to the fact that SEO is way of marketing, which requires continuous tracking changes of positions in search results and improving hundreds of factors on our website, a number of tools are developed, which automate the best part of time-consuming analytics. These tools enable in short the identification of errors on websites, checking statistics regarding incoming links (including valuating their quality) and also comprehensive comparison of website against competition. Many of them are available for free in their basic version. It will be often necessary to pay for more detailed analysis. It, how we will use tools supporting SEO activity, depends only on us and our experience. You will find out from following article, what is worth to acquire and what subscribers of paid versions can afford.

Ahrefs – the biggest database of incoming links

Ahrefs is the set of dozen or more tools, which allow to conduct effective on-site and off-site analysis. With emphasis on off-site. In simplified way it is private database that collects all data concerning it who and when built backlink. The service will allow to sum up quickly our profile of links and compare it to competition aiming at similar key phrases.

In demo version of this tool, which is available at, we can check for single captcha filling:

  • how many links it directs to the whole domain or to subpage specified in previous view
  • how many domains it directs to selected domain,
  • what part of links are dofollow links (which pass on link juice, i.e. their power),
  • domain rating – it is metric ot the author, which shows the influence and the significance of domain on the Internet.

We will also get to know 100 the most significant links and anchor text(s), where selected links are placed.

In the case of paying for subscription (available in trial version for 7 days for $7 and providing credit card details), we will be able among others to:

  • save results of conducted analyses on own account and export them in any formats to own disc
  • check the number of lost and acquired links in the period selected by us,
  • find out, which domain extensions predominate in linking to given subpage,
  • specify, what is the proportion of IP addresses to the number of linking domains,
  • check, what anchor text predominates in linking to given subpage,
  • carry out automated SEO audit showing, which factors we should take more care of,
  • watch the position of own website with regard to determined keywords and save the results on own account.

Furthermore as people who are less familiar with the topic, we can enjoy for free comprehensive online support, live chat and educate ourselves effectively, reading specialist blog, which is available on website of service provider.

Semtec – Polish SEO agency helping for free with optimization for internet search engines

In terms of free services, it is worth paying attention to Polish marketing agency Semtec. Persons who are responsible for running this service make available fully free of charge the service of simple and quick SEO audit. Within a few minutes after visiting, entering the name of own domain and clicking the button ”analyze”, we will get to know the list of 42 factors that have decisive influence on the position of website in search results.

The tool of free audit illustrates in clear way, what we can improve on our website to better its visibility in internet search engine. After completing this process, the result on a scale from 0 – 100 appears on the screen. Three bars: green, orange and red, suggest, what is worth focusing at the very beginning. Checking any subpage completely for free by means of this tool, we will find out above all:

  • what markers lack (meta, title),
  • if there are proper number of h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 headings on website,
  • if the proportion of text content to html content is appropriate,
  • how many pictures there are on subpage and if they have alternative text (alt),
  • if all heading (h1 – h6) are unique,
  • how responsiveness of subpage looks on mobile devices,
  • how fast given subpage is loaded (integration with Google PageSpeed Insights),
  • how many internal and outgoing links are placed on website,
  • when recently Google robot indexed given subpage,
  • how statistics of social media signals look,
  • if robots.txt files, xml map, flash elements, ssl certificate and google analytics / tag manager scripts are placed on website.

It is the way for quick generating checklist, which improves the correction of errors in our website on our own. Next to each of analyzed factors “i” icon is presented, after clicking on which we receive the hint, which makes correcting easier.

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