What is Anchor?

Link building is one of key elements of off-page SEO, which influences significantly web marketing. References coming from other recognized websites are the best index for Google that the content located on our site is trustworthy. Large number of links leading to our website has great impact on its authority for internet search engine. Unfortunately creating links is currently not so easy as it was some years ago yet. It is above all caused by the fact that algorithms of Google are still changing (about it a bit later) and often “interfere” with working out ideal tactics for the use of anchors and building external links to own advantage. So we decided to prepare the article, in which it is possible to find many essential information about anchors and creating links between our website and external websites.

Changes in the meaning of Anchors

Changes in the meaning of Anchors

Before the algorithm Google Penguin was activated on 24 April 2012, creating links was easy and relatively safe. At the moment, when we built too many text links matched to specific keyword, the worst thing, which could occur, was the fact that website became indisputably the best option for Google. However everything changed at the moment of introducing updates of algorithms of internet search engine, which were aimed at stopping more and more spreading practice of linking worthless content. After introducing this reform many websites, which were earlier at the top of searches, showed drastic drop of position or even disappeared completely from displayed results. Since that moment the practice of link building is much more complicated and has to fulfill specific rules. Missing out them or starting to obtain links on other websites without valuable preparation can end with more unpleasant consequences such as for example the punishment from Google.

What is Anchor ?

Anchor is the link hidden under keyword, which leads to external website in order to indicate the source of additional information to users.

Anchor is the link, which leads us from one website to other website. Often appearing underlined and blue marked hyperlinks are valuable part of navigation in website, facilitating watching written hints to customers in order to obtain further information.

In HTML the text of anchoring is contained in the code used to indicate the link.

https://stronainternetowa.com/”, while the text of anchoring is contained in brackets in tags:

href=”https://rivalmind.comi/”> anchor

Theoretically each text can serve as anchor, but only chosen words and expressions, if they will be used effectively, can provide contextual hints concerning the destination of the link.

How do anchors work owH ?

Internet search engine of hyperlinks worked out by IDD Information Services uses feedback (i.e., information from websites containing links to current website) to help in the identification of relevant web documents. Instead of using the content of document to specify the relevance, the technique uses the text of anchoring links to document to characterize the content contained in it. The idea of linking anchors with website indicated by the text was for the first time implemented after international conference of Google in Geneva in 1997.

Google and in principle each other internet search engine began to use anchors to facilitate itself determining the relevance of website for searched query. The rank is next assigned to the document on the basis of the degree of matching searched out terms to anchors in return documents.

There are four main types of anchors:

  • Precise matching (for example „The best shoes of Nike”)
  • Partial matching (for example „Check shoes of Nike”)
  • Telling about the brand (for example „Amazon”)
  • And direct link (for example „www.stronainternetowa.pl”)

As years passed algorithms of Google started to do various things to classify websites, which maybe did not deserve the position in the ranking, in which they were placed. It was often caused by large amount of spam on given websites.

Do anchors in the text matter ?

We think agreeably that as long as internet search engines work and as long as external links will work, they will always remain very essential part of their algorithm and anchor will still matter. However internet search engines introduce also other signals to their algorithms and test changes in search results within last some years quicker than ever. John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google said publicly that Google introduces changes every day and often many changes daily in its algorithms. It is even possible to meet opinions that Google carry out more than 500 tests in real time yearly.

Internet search engines improve quickly and analyze new signals and also cause that their algorithms become more complex and specific for types of the ranking types such as fields of response and local maps and also specific industries. If each player in given industry is very aggressive in building links, so in order to have equal chances, we have to choose similarly aggressive tactics to build our brand. The risk of such strategies is much lower in such situation than at the moment, when our competitors have small number of external links.

Link building in the case of smaller brands

Some SEO experts complain about it for years, but internet search engines indisputably give the priority in search results to companies, which are considered to be brands. In the world of SEO the debate is conducted about it , if there is so for this reason that they are well-known brand, because they spend millions of dollars yearly on Google, advertising their products or they have simply stronger profile of return links than other websites and therefore can be better. It means that large brands can afford much more in the matter of link building. Let us take for example keyword “men’s shoes nike”. None of robots of Google will find problems, if links to official website of the shop or the largest distributors will appear in great numbers under such word. However on the other hand if under the influence of massive purchase of links, robots of Google would discover that from many new websites from such keyword links to newly created website of the shop come out, internet search engine will look at it in decidedly different way. Google has to take care of the quality of its organic search results, therefore building strong profile of links without the risk of being punished by Google in the case of smaller companies is much harder. The area, in which large websites have greater difficulties is it they are subject to larger control and when they will be caught and punished (even if it takes place for shorter period than smaller competitor), they lose much more in sales and negative PR.

Attitude to link building in the case of smaller brands

Despite the above mentioned information websites, which are not large, well-known brands, can avoid a lot and succeed thanks to it. Building links for smaller website it is possible to afford more experiments than in the case of large websites, because the content, which is created by us, is not under such strong supervision. Furthermore the issue of the range causes that smaller brands lose less on income than larger brands, if they will be punished or affected by the change of algorithms. However the problem appears, when smaller website that relies only on organic traffic is punished. The change of algorithms or the punishment from Google can in such situation nearly destroy whole incoming traffic and almost automatically cut income. In order to avoid this, it is worth to focus above all on the diversification of sources of traffic on website and focus on building strong links coming from reliable sources thanks to the creation of exceptional and original content. It is much more profitable action than downloading links from websites of resources and catalogues and buying them.

How should it influence the strategy of link building?

Link building should be based above all on the creation of perfect quality of the content, which thanks to their value will encourage other users to share them and make them available. As well anchors on other websites and releases in social media have great influence on increasing the authority of website in the eyes of Google search engines. It is much more effective way than the above mentioned buying links. In order to gain valuable links from other websites from similar industry, we should always try to invent the way, in which we can create something, what will cause that the others will want to write about our brand in positive way. Thanks to it we will build the popularity, which increases useful traffic on website and leads to higher percentage of conversions.

Find out, what Your competitors do

Next thing, which You have to know, is it, what Your competitors do. Regardless of the fact, if You have the possibility to do it on Your own or if You want to pay somebody for doing it for You (each good company, which builds links can do the research for You), You should conduct the analysis of competitive links to know exactly, to what extent Your competitors have the advantage over You and what You can do to catch up with them and next outstrip them. It is also worth paying attention to general competitiveness of the industry and keywords, which we care about the most.

Estimate the risk and the budget

When You already know exactly, which positions in the ranking Your competitors have, You have to evaluate the tolerance of Your company for the risk, if it would require some risky behaviour. The more competitive Your industry is, the more courageous actions will be required to achieve high position in Google. It concerns also financial issues. Building valuable network of external links in very competitive industries is difficult and requires often previous preparation of really important strategy and content for website. For this reason, if You do not create the content on Your own, the preparation of additional budget for services of copywriter in order to prepare articles, which could next be promoted also on other websites can be necessary as well.

Use the offer of professionals

Anchors and the process of link building are very important elements of conducting Internet marketing, which very frequently can decide about final success of positioning. It occurs that just neglecting anchors causes that website does not occupy the highest positions in Google, having simultaneously appropriately optimized website for SEO.

So if You want to be sure that external links to Your website are placed in proper form and with appropriate frequency, do not wait and get in contact with us. Our agency seomanagment.com is the team, which consists of professionals who deal for many years with online marketing for years. Positioning and optimization of websites is our speciality. In a joint effort we will build links, which will cause that Your website will reach higher position than ever before and will start generating higher sales and the number of leads.

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