What is SEO ? That is optimization and positioning

Currently there is not probably any person, who would not realize the power of the Internet. Some people even think that if You do not exist on the web, it is so as if You would not exist in real space. The Internet creates our live, advises us in choices (remembering, what we sought recently), it happens that it suggests some solutions to us. It is the best space for effective advertising, what each entrepreneur or other person interested in “being popular” knows undoubtedly. However what should be done in order to ensure that people will get to my website and that I will be in the highest position in search results? The answer to such needs is SEO.

Few words about seo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process, which is aimed at improving the visibility (thereby the possibility of being found by people, who are potentially interested in our area of activity) in free search results. It is not only the optimization of website, but also improvement of technical aspect, the extension of the content and gaining positioning links from other websites. Briefly – seo is the process, in which given website, after entering specific phrase into Google Internet search engine, shows at the top of records. In the world of SEO all activities are oriented towards gaining as many visits on our website as possible.

What does SEO consist of?

SEO is not only the optimization of code . It is solely part of the process, which consists of:

  • improving textual structure of our website (among others through adding keywords
  • developing construction of website (and thereby ensuring the transparency of website
  • improving technical and visual aspect and the usefulness (proper choice of titles, colouring, speed etc.)
  • bettering links leading to our website from other websites

It, what SEO could not exist without, is gaining positioning links, i.e. so-called Link Building. However in Poland two expressions are used to name all these activities: these are “optimization” and “positioning”. They are in spite of appearances very capacious, although it is visible only for people, who are familiar with SEO industry.

SEO and SEM – what does the difference consist in?

By the concept of SEO we understand processes related to improving the visibility of website and increasing the number of visits from free search resultsSEM is often (incorrectly) considered as advertising in paid search results. SEM are all the activities oriented towards marketing, promotion, which includes traffic on free websites and advertisements.

How does SEO work?

SEO is not only one specific activity. These are actions, which establish the process, which leads to placing given record at the top of the list of search results.

The main positioning factors

Factors in SEO can be divided into two groups – directly related to activities on website (on-page SEO) and these activities out its area (off-page SEO). It is not fixed division, because within the framework of both groups factors interact and can combine in different ways. Activities on website include:

  • contents (text layer and it, what is typically created for SEO)
  • architecture (layout on website)
  • HTML (construction of website)

The second group consists mainly of activities, which aim is gaining links. These are:

  • links leading to websites
  • social incentives
  • trust in the domain

Speaking more strictly off-page SEO includes such activities as:

  • creating networks of websites, from which links are emitted
  • on Internet forums – links in comments
  • cooperation with the environment of bloggers – thanks to this fact articles on blogs
  • sponsored articles
  • SEO PR – in this way people begin associating the brand, identifying it positively
  • searching for trusted domains and redirecting from them to our website, i.e. positioned website

The optimization is not one-time process. It necessary to monitor website continuously for its topicality and correctness, take next steps in positioning not to lose achieved position of our website.

SEO tools

There are many tools for SEO, but it is not possible to choose one optimal tool from among them, which will cope the best with the task. Each specialist working in SEO agencieshas the set of tools, which fulfill the best his expectations. On the other hand – even if there would be ideal tool, but it would be operated by the specialist, who does not know much about SEO, it would not be appropriately used.

It is not possible to mention all tools used for SEO. They include among others particular elements of Google structure (for example Google Trends) and SurferSEO program.

What does SEO offer?

If You want to count in the market, the investment into SEO is the necessity. Marketing is necessary for achieving measurable benefits. Looking at positioning and the optimization from the viewpoint of benefits, which are possible to be achieved, these are:

  • possibility of increasing traffic on website, even if somebody does not have large budget
  • presence in Google Internet search engine – undoubtedly the largest Internet search engine of this type
  • the creation of the possibility of meeting of specific brand with customer at the stage of seeking information about interesting issue or getting to know the offer

Positioning is never-ending process, which has to be supported by other activities from the field of marketing. It is necessary to take care of it continuously that our position inGoogle Internet search engine is satisfying and all the time as high as possible. It that we already achieved certain level, does not really mean much. One moment of the inattention is enough and all the actions will go to waste, because other records will beat us in a wink.

Benefits resulting from SEO out of virtual area

Positioning is aimed at increasing traffic on our website and thereby interesting larger number of people in our offer. Therefore measurable benefits from SEO are in truth felt out of the Internet sphere.

If we run the shop, we care about having as many customers as possible. If we will be at the top of search results, under the phrase, which is interesting for the customer, he will find the link to our website. In this way he can get to know the offer and… make the purchase. It is similarly with many other customers who without positioning could never come across the offer of our company. Additional advantage is the possibility of finding website at any time. Stationary shops are open at certain times, therefore the possibility of getting to know the offer in “traditional” way is limited. If we reach a wide circle of recipients, our business has the chance for development.

Using seo it is possible to see, which keywords caused the most traffic on website. It is worth to use such analysis in further activities, for example through proper vision of the development of business. Needs of the market are the area, which is worth basing on. However, what is important, it is not advisable to focus only on current needs. It is essential to observe tendencies continuously and, if necessary, modify them.

There is not any industry, which would have only one entrepreneur and regardless of the fact, what he would do, he would be the leader. To reach potential customers it is necessary to beat rivals – it can be compared with the race. The optimization and positioning help to “surpass” the competition. If Your record will appear higher in Google, the customer will most probably enter Your website. As important as actions aimed at considerable traffic on website are actions aimed at keeping potential customers on it. In this scope graphic design and clarity of website play enormous role, because they should encourage to get to know detailed offer.

The more people will enter website, the more the brand will be recognizable. The more the brand is recognizable, the more trust it inspires. It is simple chain, which shows next benefit resulting from SEO. People choose it, what they know and what inspires their trust. If they found our website in Internet search results and had positive feelings after entering it, it is very probable that they will choose just our product in the future.

Agency providing SEO services

It is possible to find many providers in the market, who deal with SEO services. However firstly it is necessary to remember to check exactly the company for its reliability before the beginning of cooperation! Unfortunately the part of companies offers their services, takes money for them, but never meets conditions of the contract.

SEO agency knows very well, how to improve our website and what actions to take to increase its position in search results. In essence the agency deals with:

  • SEO audit – the research of the code od website, content, keywords for the possibility of reaching potential customers, the analysis of profile of links, the research of competitors in Google Internet search engine
  • the optimization – it increases the visibility of website
  • link building – acquiring external links
  • social media – promoting in social media
  • content marketing – interesting potential customer in the product

Some agencies, which deal with SEO, ask the customer before the beginning of cooperation with him to present generally it, what he expects. Within this framework the customer determines the area of his activities (through indicating keywords, which suit him), presents its budget for this purpose and describes current situation of the company. Thanks to this fact the agency is able to present preliminary budget.

In truth it is not possible to begin activities within the framework of SEO without the audit. Only audit allows to look at achievable objectives in long-term perspective. Thanks to it all further actions will be effective, exactly market-oriented and in accordance with currently prevailing trends.

Summarizing – why is it worth to invest in SEO?

The Internet has enormous power. The person, who is well-known in the Internet, gains fame and can count on measurable benefits resulting from it. However he can be defined in other way. The Internet is a jungle, where the strongest person wins, who will beat his rivals.

The way for beating the competition is SEO. In Google Internet search engine it is possible to find tens of thousands of results, which correspond to entered phrase. To be visible and to ensure that the customer will pay attention to us, it is necessary to invest in positioning and the optimization. It is the key to achieve measurable benefits in reality.

SEO improves the visibility in Internet search results. The customer will enter website, but it is equally essential to ensure that he wants to stay on it and get to know our offer. Therefore SEO is the process, which also includes specific operations related to visual aspect and the transparency of our website. As important as graphic design are contents on website, therefore SEO deals also with their appropriate form.

Agency, which deals with SEO, thanks to our guidelines, will create optimal strategy of activity, oriented towards being at the top of results in Google.

However effective positioning begins with proper plan – appropriate indication of the area, the choice of keywords. It is the base, on which then it is possible to build own position. However it is necessary to remember that the dynamics of the market has to be observed all the time and our website must be improved. Positioning and the optimization are processes, which have to be repeated continuously.

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